Isnin, 26 November 2012

Latihan Medan camp

From 23-25 November 2012, SISPA UITM Puncak Alam have attend the 'Latihan Medan' camp in Kuala Kubu. This camp is a must for all of the part 1 JPAM members to join in order to graduate for this sem. In this camp, all of the part 1 members get to learn about giving the first aid, how to make a CPR, type of a right bond to use in certain situation using a rope, how to escape from the wild animals in the jungle,mountain climbing, and we're also get the chance to play a game called 'burung hantu' or something like that where we were left alone in the jungle with a closed eyed. This game was made at 4.00a.m. in the morning!! Most of the time, everyone feel sleepy in the camp because lack of sleep but anyways, it was really a good camp. New knowledge for everyone and not to forget that we have a bath in the river..hehe...

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